There is value in starting from the beginning
1847 Gutta Percha was introduced into dentistry by Edward Truman.
Hill's Stopping: Bleached gutta percha, carbonate lime, and quartz
1867 Bowman is created for demonstrated its use for filling root canals.
1887 SS White manufactured and distributed gutta percha points.
  In 1867 Bowman advocated jamming as much gutta percha into the root as possible. Sound familiar?
Early 1900's Radiology is introduced
1925 The groundbreaking work of Dr. Hess. He shot vulcanized rubber through 3000 teeth.

Dow RP, Ingle JI.
Isotope determination of root canal failure. Oral Surg 1955
Attributed 60% of failures to incomplete or inadequate obturation.

Current Dr. Herbert Schilder
Engineered a technique that would maximize its potential in providing a 3-dimensional seal of the root canal system.
Future The CORK system increases the ability to deliver heat in deep, difficult-to-reach areas of the pulpal systems in an effort to 3-dimensionally seal all portal of exit